Episodes 1 – 6

Sadly, we never really made proper Episode notes for the early episodes, and in good half-assed fasion, we aren’t about to start now. Basic overview and links to the first 6 episodes are below, for your convenience.

Episode 1: The First Episode, Part 1 of 1


  • Tennogen Round 12 coming to console next update
  • Prime Vault available
  • Devstream 113!

Episode 2: What is End Game?


  • Breakdown of Prime Vault packs
  • Excalibur ION 2.0 Skin
  • Tactical Alert – Rift Sigil returns!
  • Melee 3.0 discussion
  • Discussion: End game
  • Beginner topic: Levelling and Primes
  • Advanced topic: Modding companions

Episode 3: Devstream 114


  • The Acolytes are back!
  • Devstream 114!
  • Beginner topic: Good early warframes to farm
  • Advanced topic: solo vault runs

Episode 4: Monetisation


  • Nidus Deluxe and Tennogen Round 12 finally hit consoles!
  • Discussion: DE, Warframe, and Monetisation
  • Community Guest Star: William from the “Warframe Australia & New Zealand” Facebook Page!
  • Beginner topic: Good early weapons to farm
  • Advanced topic: Narrow Minded

Episode 5: Devstream 115


  • New Twitch promo!
  • Frame Fighter hits PC!
  • Devstream 115!
  • Beginner topic: Secrets and Collectibles
  • Advanced topic: Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude

Episode 6: Conclave & Lunaro


  • Lucy Lawless visits DE
  • A few planned changes…
  • Discussion: Conclave & Lunaro!
  • Community Guest Star: Josiah from the “Cephalon Squared” Facebook Page
  • Beginner topic: Levelling and Power
  • Advanced topic: Blind Rage & other corrupted mods

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