Episode 10 – Double Digits!

In today’s Warframe-related news, Episode 10 of Cephalon Squared has been published! This week, we hit double digits – we’re big kids now! We discuss the news, Warframe’s tutorial, but also have a bit of a chat with Cephalon Lars about who we are and why we play Warframe.


  • Chroma Prime!
  • Plague Star event is back on PC!
  • Update on the next console update!
  • Discussion: Does Warframe need a new tutorial?
  • Community Guest Star – Cephalon Lars!
  • Beginner’s topic: Introduction to modding
  • Advanced topic: farming the Silver Grove, pt 2!
  • Competition winners!

Episode notes:

Chroma Prime Access announcement: 


Prime Vault ending:


Plague Star Event on PC:


PC to get MR8 requirement for Riven trading:


Tweet from Steve Sinclair:

Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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