Episode 8 – Some Lore and Some Synergy

Episode 8 of Cephalon Squared has been published, for all your Warframe podcast needs!

This week is full of discussion and lore – an in-between week prior to next week’s Devstream. We discuss the upcoming console update, the changes planned for Nezha, warframe synergies, early game lore, and energy regeneration, among many other things!


  • News – console update in cert and Nezha rework inbound!
  • Discussion – warframe synergy for teams!
  • Beginner’s topic – LORE! What’s the story prior to the start of the game?
  • Advanced tips: Energy regeneration!
  • And much more!

Episode Notes:

Warframe Soundtrack now on Spotify!

Console update details:


New Augment mods:


Remote Observer (details on the player search changes):


Nezha rework:


Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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