Chimera Update in Cert for Console

Good news today – the Chimera update has been sent to certification on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4! While it’s clear that console players won’t be playing Fortuna this week (unlike their PC brothers and sisters), at least there will be a bunch of new content to grind through while waiting! At this point, we can only assume that this content will also be included with the release on Nintendo Switch later in November (and there’s still a chance that release will also include Fortuna, but we’ll have to wait and see).

Note this is a “mainline” update, in which DE releases all the little things they’ve been working on that aren’t part of a larger update (i.e., in this case, Fortuna). Hence there’s a lot to look forward to!

What's coming with this update?

  • Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts – single-life missions with a higher enemy level than in standard missions. These come with greater rewards as a result of the greater risk.
    (Note: you need to complete ALL nodes on your Star Chart to unlock Arbitrations.)
  •  Tennogen Bundle XXXIII
  •  New weapons: Pupacyst staff and Falcor glaive
  •  New weapon skins
  •  Plague Star event – starts on both consoles November 2nd (or the 3rd in some regions)
  •  New Gear “spiral” wheel
  •  New Captura scenes
  •  QOL changes – customisation loadouts for Operators; change order of appearance tabs in the Arsenal; change order of Mod loadout; auto-install button for Ayatan statues; Junction changes for new players, and much more!
  •  Daily Tribute Changes: the new login screen will not include Daily Login rewards, in which players can choose from three options!
  • Sandbox room for the dojo (plus more decorations!)
  • Minor changes for Saryn, Revenant, and Phantasma
  •  Melee sound changes
  • UI upgrades
  •  … and a hell of a lot more!

More detail?

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