Episode 12 – Augments & Glitches in the Matrix

Episode 12 of Australia’s bestWarframe podcast has been published! This week is packed with Warframe goodness – discussions about Augment mods, a Community Guest Star, and lots of lore. And yes, audio issues are being addressed!


  • Discussion: Augment mods – are they worth a mod slot?
  • Community Guest Star – Andrew from Discord & FB!
  • Beginner’s topic: LORE – Vor’s Prize
  • Advanced topic: Tenno hunters – fighting the Grustrag Three + bonus LORE!

Episode notes:

Digital Extremes Official Inktober Megathread (Warframe Forums):


Console update! (Official page):


PC Mainline info! (Official page)


George Spanos music tweet (Twitter)

Baro Ki’Teer’s 100th visit on PC! (Twitter)

Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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