Episode 13 – Primed Corrupted Mods?

Hi all, we’re three months into our happy little Warframe podcast, and couldn’t be happier. We’ve just released Episode 13, and towards the end of last week, we even released a new mini-episode (which we are cleverly calling a “Mini Episode”) focused on modding. These will be released in the middle of every week (a few days after the normal episodes), so keep an eye out if you’re after some more tips!

This week, though? We looked at a “What if…” situation – What if DE released Primed Corrupted Mods? Would that be a good idea, and what could that mean?


  • PC Mainline info (along with some other news)!
  • Discussion: “What if” – Primed Corrupted Mods
  • Beginner’s topic: LORE – Once Awake quest
  • Advanced topic: Zanuka + some lore

Episode Notes:

Revenant files available for Tennogen:

Ash Zamairu skin:

Warframe Xbox Avatars:

Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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