Episode 14 – Devstream 118


Devstream 118 was amazing – it had to be, given DE showed off Garuda, provided a little more detail on Moa companions. and finally gave us all the release window for the PC version of Fortuna. Still, we were absolutely blown away by what was shown off.


  • Devstream 118
  • Garuda!
  • Fortuna release window!
  • Beginner’s topic: Currencies
  • Advanced topic: Stalker + some lore

While we may be (primarily) PS4 players, we can’t wait for Fortuna to release on PC – of course we have PC accounts to play around with. The next few weeks will be interesting indeed!

Episode Notes:

Adding auto-install to Ayatan Sculptures:

Re-configure mod configs:

Waving moas:

Devstream 118 (in full):

Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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