Episode 15 – The calm before the storm…

A quiet week this week, what with most of the DE team out of the country, and the rest feverishly working to finalise Fortuna.  We also got Cephalon Lucas back after a short hiatus (all is well), so we kept it light and chatty this week.


  •  ARG on Discord and Twitter suggests Fortuna is not far away
  •  Promo code: SOLARISUNITED (PC only, at present) for a Sigil
  •  Chimera update released to certification on both platforms!
  • Discussion: preparing for Fortuna
  • Beginner’s topic: LORE – The Archwing quest
  • Advanced topic: Augur Secrets
This week is an exciting one – even if Fortuna is delayed, I’l still have something new to play on my PS4, so we kinda win either way (provided you have multiple accounts). Now only three weeks until the Nintendo Switch release, too! Keep an eye on our social accounts – if Fortuna is released this week, I’ll be looking to stream over the weekend.

Episode Notes:

Reddit post re: Red Text:

Tactical Potato overview of the ARG:

Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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