Fortuna confirmed to release in November


Warframe developer Digital Extremes announced on the weekend that the next long-awaited open-world update, “Fortuna”, is slated for release in early November. On the latest Devstream, in which the team discusses recent and upcoming changes and releases, the team also noted that they are tentatively aiming for around November 1st. This puts the release potentially at just over a week away at the time of writing, all going well.

This update will add a second open-world, much like the previous “Plains of Eidolon” expansion, this time set on the planet Venus. There will be new enemies to fight, new factions to satisfy, new bounties to collect, and – of course – new bosses to defeat. This time around the bosses will take the form of hulking spider-like creatures.

In addition to all of this, the update will include access to K-Drives – effectively hoverboards that players can ride across the open worlds, pulling tricks and performing in races (it’s understood that races are only held on Venus). Not only that, but there will be a new conservation mode, in which players can hunt and tranquilise local creatures, in order to save them from the faction that is looking to take control of the surface.

Lastly, the team also showed off the 37th warframe, codenamed “Garuda”. This new warframe is expected to be released with Fortuna, but may be part of a quest that comes after the initial release – we are unsure at the time of writing.

The Fortuna update is expected to hit PC early November, with consoles following soon after – for large releases like this, console players should expect a 3-4 week wait at a minimum, but it will be worth it. Let’s not forget that the Switch version will be released November 20th, so we can only hope that the console release will be timed alongside this, but that may be wishful thinking at this stage.

Rest assured we will have more information on Fortuna very soon.

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