Mini 2 – Modding Sniper Rifles

The first of our Mini episodes, entirely focused on modding – either weapons,or warframes, or something specific, but always aimed at beginners and mid-game players, so we take a very general look at what should be considered.

In this episode, we look at sniper rifles, making specific mention of the following key mods:

  • Serration
  • Split Chamber
  • Point Strike
  • Vital Sense
  • Rifle Aptitude
  • Continuous Misery
  • Vigilante Armaments
  • Dual Stat: (Rime Rounds, Thermite Rounds, High Voltage, Malignant Force)
  • Special Mention: Argon Scope, Hammer Shot, Heavy Caliber, Charged Chamber, Depleted Reload

And the following awesome weapons:

  • Lanka
  • Snipetron Vandal
  • Vulkar Wraith
  • Vectis Prime
  • Rubico Prime

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