Mini 3 – Modding Rifles

Welcome back to another of our Mini episodes, entirely focused on modding – either weapons,or warframes, or something specific, but always aimed at beginners and mid-game players, so we take a very general look at what should be considered.

In this episode, we look at rifles (which do differ from snipers in terms of how you might mod), making specific mention of the following key mods:

  • Serration
  • Split Chamber
  • Point Strike
  • Vital Sense
  • Rifle Aptitude
  • Continuous Misery
  • Vigilante Armaments
  • Dual Stat: (Rime Rounds, Thermite Rounds, High Voltage, Malignant Force)
  • Special Mention: Argon Scope, Hammer Shot, Heavy Caliber, Bladed Rounds, Fanged Fusillade, Shred, Vile Acceleration (overlooked while recording: Hunter Munitions)

And the following awesome weapons:

  • Soma Prime
  • Baza
  • Braton Prime
  • Boltor Prime
  • Sybaris Prime
  • Dex Sybaris
  • Tenora
  • Amprex
  • Supra Vandal
  • (Overlooked while recording: Tiberon Prime)

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