Warframe Beginner’s Guide

9. Crafting

OK, so I’ve mentioned that you can acquire other weapons and Warframes, but I haven’t really gone into HOW. These items don’t just drop from enemies like they do in other games. In fact, there are several steps to acquiring additional equipment… Let’s start with weapons. For ordinary weapons, you will need the blueprint. While these can drop at the end of missions, it’s unlikely – your best bet is to utilise the Market console. Load it up, and choose “Browse”, then select “Weapons”. This will bring up all of the weapons in the game. You can buy them outright for Platinum, but don’t do that – look for the “Build” button/tab, and select that. This will list the blueprint price. Once you have enough credits, you can then buy the blueprint. Then take the blueprint to your Foundry console, and – as long as you have the required resources – select to start building the weapon. There is a waiting time (usually hours to days, depending on the item), but once that’s over, you will have your new toy. Happy days! This method also works for warframes and other items as well, but warframes are a little more involved, as they consist of multiple parts, for which you need multiple blueprints. The warframe blueprint itself can be purchased from the Market, but this will require a chassis, system, and neuroptics component (per warframe), and THESE blueprints can only be obtained as drops from specific bosses in specific missions (although some are quest rewards). Basically, when you know what warframe you want, you simply farm the boss until you get the three components, buy the warframe blueprint, and hunt for the resources you need. The resources are the most difficult part, to be honest, as every planet has different resources. You might grab a blueprint from the Market early on, only to discover that the resource you need is only available on a planet you haven’t unlocked. Further, you will start to receive warframe blueprints fairly early on – Rhino parts drop from a boss on Venus, for example. However, in order to build Rhino, you need a specific resource only available on Phobos, which I unlocked after about 20 hours of playtime. To be honest, this isn’t such a bad thing – by the time you get to Phobos, you should be very close to hitting max level on your initial warframe, and very motivated to hunt down those resources so you can build your first (well, second) warframe. All of this provides a great level of flexibility and incentive – it’s flexible in terms of access to alternate equipment (you’ll be building your first weapons only a couple of hours into the game), but there’s great incentive to progress across the Star Chart – if only to unlock access to more warframe parts and resources. That said, certain warframes are tied to specific storyline arcs (the Inaros blueprint is a reward from “The Sands of Inaros”, for example). If you haven’t noticed yet – every system is inextricably tied to another system, and as a result, everything seems to work together perfectly.

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