Warframe Beginner’s Guide

10. Void Fissures and Primes

At this point, I’ve explained virtually everything you need to know when starting the game – at least in terms of the processes and what things mean. But there’s one other thing that’s pretty important – Void Fissures. You don’t really need to understand what the Void is just yet, so I’m hesitant to explain, but you will be expected to try Void Fissure missions after about 15 or so hours (it’s a requirement to unlock access to Phobos). Over your play time, you will also collect Void Relics. These look like bronzed cabbages (and are referred to as such by the community) and contain rare blueprints. These are rare items that can generally only be found in this way, and are referred to as “Primes”. In terms of the lore, Prime warframes and weapons are the original version of that item from the Orokin era and thus have a slightly different aesthetic and improved base stats. Each Void Relic contains a chance at a number of different items, each with different chances of dropping. You can increase these chances by “improving” a Relic using Void Traces (which are the byproduct of opening a Void Relic), but opening the Relic requires players to enter a specific Void Fissure mission. In this mission, players will encounter corrupted enemies – these are harder to kill and more aggressive enemies, and some of them will drop Reactant. Collecting 10 Reactant and completing a mission will unlock the Relic and award the player with their Prime blueprint part. Again, this is the only way to obtain Prime parts, which are among the most sought-after items in the game – not only because they are improved versions of the item in question, but also because they can be traded between players…

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