Warframe Beginner’s Guide

1. Story

You play as a Tenno, a race of awesome warrior beings recently awoken from cryosleep to find a system at war (which is a gross oversimplification, but still somewhat accurate). Enemies are numerous – there’s the Corpus, an advanced corporation represented by both human and robot combatants; the Grineer, a militarised race of cloned humans; the Infested, disfigured and diseased humans; and the Sentients, a powerful race of synthetic beings, who have returned after centuries of absence.  Initially, the story is somewhat unclear, and you will learn more as you progress through the campaign, but it takes time to wade through it all. As a Tenno, you control a kind of avatar known as a Warframe – essentially a biomechanical suit of varying designs and capabilities. There are 36 of these at time of writing (with several new warframes added every year), each with their own unique abilities: 4 active powers and 1 passive. On top of this, each Warframe can wield a variety of weapons, and has unique parkour abilities, enabling them to “ninja” about the player environment with ease. Think of your Warframe as a character class – some of them are tanky, others are focused on damage, others are heavily geared towards crowd control or healing, and others are a combination. You will start with a single Warframe and acquire more over the course of the game (more on that later) – they are equipped from your inventory, much like any other item. Suffice it to say that you probably don’t need to know more than that at the start of the game, but I would recommend trying to pay attention to the story that plays out in the initial quest, Vor’s Prize. While this is mostly intended to introduce players to mechanics, it also does a pretty good job of introducing the first faction (the Grineer) and some of the wider themes.

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