Warframe Beginner’s Guide

3. The Orbiter

After the first training mission, you’ll find yourself in your orbiter, which acts as your home base. Note this is NOT the same as the ship that drops you off in missions – that is your landing craft, and you’ll start out with the Liset. When playing with friends, you will see their landing craft out the front window – give them a wave. In the centre front console, you’ll find Navigation, which will take you to your Star Chart and allow you to choose missions. To the left, you’ll find access to the Syndicates (slightly more advanced – I will forgo describing Syndicates for this series), and to the right, the news console and the Conclave, which provides access to PvP. People don’t really play Warframe for PvP (another gross generalisation!). Feel free to ignore for now (this is a little sad because it’s not really that bad to play, it’s just impossible to find a match, and is … well… very unbalanced). A little further back in the ship, you’ll find the Codex to one side, where you can access a list of Quests, and learn some lore, as well as find access to training. I primarily use the Codex for Quest information, but I can see the lore info becoming more important to me as I get deeper into the game. I would recommend going through ALL of the training info – it’s a lot to read, but it’s also the only place you will find some of this information. On the other side of the ship, you’ll find the Market. Don’t make the same mistake I did and think that the market is just for microtransactions. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – most of what you use the Market for will be for in-game transactions using in-game currency. I’ll detail what’s in the Market a little further on in this article. Just behind these consoles is the Scanner. I’ve turned it off – it’s annoying and does nothing of any importance, as far as I can tell (unless you are really keen on lore, but even then, I’d suggest you switch it off until you have more of a grasp on the lore). Deeper into the ship, there are a bunch of other consoles. Several of these won’t be unlocked until later in the game, but the most important for now is the Arsenal console towards the back. This is where you can choose your Warframe, weapons, companions, and so on, as well as customise virtually everything. You’ll find yourself here quite often. The other main consoles – Mods and Foundry – we will look at in further detail in later sections of this series.

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