Episode 16 – The Plains of Eidolon Special

The calm before the storm continued for a second week, so we decided to look at the Plains of Eidolon this week, before we all get excited about Fortuna for the next few weeks or months!


  • Chimera Update and Plague Star now on consoles
  • PS4 Anniversary
  • Fortuna… soon?
  • Discussion: events on the Plains of Eidolon
  • Beginner topic: Cetus reputation grind
  • Advanced topic: fishing to grind Ostron reputation
Will we see Fortuna this week? Not sure! But, one thing I do know is that it’s only two weeks until Warframe hits the Nintendo Switch, and we still know nothing about account migration… Hopefully there will be a Devstream this week or next week, but I’m sure it’s absolutely crazy in the Digital Extremes office right now!

Episode Notes:

Mainline (Chimera) update released on consoles:

Plague Star event arrives on console:

Warframe’s 5th Anniversary on PS4:

Steve’s Tweet that suggests Fortuna is close:

Fortuna marketing posters being sent to Warframe Partners:

The ARG seems to be coming to a close:

Pablo’s tweet re: Amber Stars:

Thanks for listening, and if there are any links we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!

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