Episode 17 – Fortuna is out!

We were all hoping there wouldn’t be any further delay, and Digital Extremes didn’t let us down, releasing Fortuna just prior to the weekend on PC. We did manage to not only watch a bunch of YouTubers get their hands on the new update, but we also jumped in ourselves and played around with all of the new toys!

This episode reflects our views on what we’ve seen so far, and what our plans are when the update finally hits our main platform… We also have a quick discussion around the Switch version, which is only a week away now…


  • This week’s news (although we forgot to mention the changes to Riven disposition!)
  • Discussion: Fortuna
  • Community Guest Star: Jack joins us from Discord and the Facebook Group!
  • Beginner’s topic: What to look out for when you first get to Fortuna
  • Advanced topic: Rare Stance Mods and how to get them

Episode Notes:

Warframe Partners heading to DE offices to try the Nintendo Switch version prior to release:

Record-breaking number of players on Steam:

Missed on podcast – changes to Riven Disposition: Click here to read our recent article on this topic.

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