Episode 18 – Devstream 119 (a new frame appears on the horizon)

This week we had the first Devstream since the release of Fortuna on PC, so there were updates on timelines for console (the answer: soon), info on the release of the Nintendo Switch version  (for more detail, click here to read our article covering the pending release), and many, many other things… You really have to listen to find out!


  • Devstream 119 – there’s a lot to cover here!
  • New Frame – Baruuk
  • Nintendo Switch releasing soon
  • Fortuna Pt2
  • Update on Melee 3.0
  • Beginner topic: Things I wish I knew when I was new…
  • Advanced topic: Helminth Charger

Episode Notes:

Mouse and Keyboard now available for Xbox One:

Akvasto Prime released and was offered among Baro Ki’Teer’s offerings:

Warframe release on Nintendo Switch is imminent:

Limbo Deluxe Skin:

Nidus Alt Helmet:

New warframe inbound: Baruuk:

Devstream 119:

DK Diamantes interview:

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