Fortuna bringing “Floofy” new friends

By the time you read this, Fortuna may well be out and available to play on PC, but I simply had to share. Over the last couple of days, amongst all the other teases , videos, and excitement that Digital Extremes has otherwise been drumming up, Steve Sinclair still managed to drop a huge new nugget of info on us.

But it’s not quite what you think.

In reference to the new conservation “Track & Tranq” mode, in which players will be able to track endangered creatures on the Orb Vallis, and tranquilise them (for conservation purposes), not only will players perform this task for reputation, but they will also be able to trade in their “animal tags” (assuming these are awarded by saving the little critters) for… these.

Floofs warframe

If you don’t think they’re adorable, you’re wrong.

Using the name “Floofs” (which better not be an internal name, by the way), Steve went on to share another image showing that there will be quite a few to collect.

This is a really good thing for Warframe – adding something silly and cute to farm for, that really has no impact on the game apart from the cute factor. For many, these may be a pointless waste of time, and they may never feel the need to go hunting for them (beyond the need for the reputation grind, of course), but for others – like myself – we’ll need to hunt down… Every. Last. One.

Steve’s tweets for reference:

So far, amongst our community at least (lovingly referred to as the “Cephalon Collective”), these Floofs are very well received.

Here are just a few examples of comments we’ve seen on our Facebook Group, Discord, and Twitter.

I so want them to be called Floofs

Kyle - Facebook Group

I waaaant

YOURMASTER145 - Discord


Perry - Facebook Group

I want a Floofin shelf in my Orbiter it will be flooftastic

Scott - Facebook Group

Fortuna can’t come soon enough.

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