Fortuna available on PC, and Cache codes now available!

As you can likely see from my hastily screenshotted image above, the Fortuna update is now available to download on PC in all regions (although there is a known issue in EU, that should hopefully be fixed very soon). Get in there, Tenno – Solaris United needs your help!

There’s not much need for us to go into detail about what’s coming with this update (suffice it to say that it is going to be pretty amazing for those of us that have been waiting), but if you do want more information, check out the links here and here.

fortuna cache

If you’ve been following the ARG, which has now come to an end as expected, you may be wondering about the cache codes – well, wonder no more, as we have you covered! Please find the details below:

  • PC, XBOX, PS4 Cache Code: EARSON
  • PC K-Drive Scrawl Code: TERMINALBIGFLIP
  • XBOX, PS4 K-Drive Scrawl Code: Coming Soon 
  • PC, XBOX, PS4 Solaris United Sigil Code: SOLARISUNITED

Note that these are only available until November 12, so you do want to get on top of this ASAP (to claim, head to the Official Warframe website –> Promo codes, and login to enter the promo code).

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