The Fortuna cache is full of goodies

If you’ve read our article about the Fortuna ARG, then you’ll know there are some goodies coming alongside Fortuna. The good news is that this cache will be released for all platforms. The bad news (if you can consider it that) is that you will need to enter a code into the promo codes page in order to have access to this – I assume you can do this at least once per account (as I have an account on all platforms).

Now that the ARG is slowly fizzling out, we know everything that is going to be included in the cache – so let’s take a look!

  • 100 Ducats – used to buy items from the Void Trader
  • 5 Orokin Cells – uncommon foundry resource
  • 3 Nitain – rare foundry resource
  • Orokin Reactor – used to double mod capacity for a warframe
  • Orokin Catalyst  – used to double mod capacity for a weapon
  • 5 Fieldron – uncommon foundry resource
  • 1 warframe articula – for display, regularly costs 20 Platinum
  • 3 Forma – used to repolarise a mod slot

In addition, there will also be a “K-Drive Scrawl” (aka artwork for your K-Drive), but it is understood that this will be supplied on a SEPARATE promo code.  Based on the image above (which was released as part of the ARG), I’m not a HUGE fan of this Scrawl, but free is free – and it won’t take long to get myself another, better one.

In my opinion, this cache is fantastic, and you’d be silly to miss it. If you were to buy these things using Platinum, you’d spend a good 200P, and several items here can’t be purchased from the market at all, so it’s very much worthwhile.

We’ll let you know the codes as soon as they have been released – expected later this week.

UPDATE: Check out this post for the cache codes.

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