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A new open world has dropped on us, and with it, a whole new grind. New things to earn, animals to save, and all sorts of new vendors to decide where to spend your standing. Now that Fortuna has been released, we thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce you to some of the new folk you’l be talking to… a lot.


eudico bounties

Eudico is a couple of things – on the one hand, she’s the floor boss, who answers directly to Nef Anyo, and on the other, she’s the leader of the Solaris United, who are actively rebelling against Nef Anyo. As your primary contact within Fortuna, she effectively takes the same place as Konzu in Cetus. She’ll let you know where you’re currently at in terms of Solaris United standing, and she’ll hand out your bounties. You’ll pretty much be getting to know her pretty well.



Legs has a story behind him. You’ll learn it when you first get to Fortuna. Soak it in.

Once you’re done, you’ll come to learn that Legs is the Moa companion vendor. Yes, you can now build your own companion, just the way you want them. And let me tell you – it’s worth it! He does sell a different config daily for Platinum as well, but there are different configs that you can work your way towards, so it’ll be something you are likely to be interested in, mark my words.

The Business

The Business
Business Offerings

Good old, Biz. He was the primary focus for the ARG, and definitely plays a main part in the initial (and ongoing) story of Fortuna. However, while he is a fan of blowing up the Corpus, he’s become a bit of a softy, and he’s all about saving the regions precious wildlife. As a result, Biz is your contact for both Fishing and Track & Tranq, which means there is a lot that you can buy from him, depending on what you want to focus on first (but the initial tier of items has a low cost of entry).

When it comes to fishing, you can trade in your Servofish for standing, or get him to break them down into components that can be used in crafting items. Of course, it also means you can use your standing to get a whole bunch of things, from Fishing tools to bait.

On the Track & Tranq side of things, there’s a lot to get across. On the one hand, you need to get your Tranq gun, but you also need to acquire specific lures to catch specific critters (not unlike the necessity for specific bait for Fishing, I guess). It won’t cost much to get what you need initially, so grab what you can and start the farm!


An interesting character, who seems to possibly have an interesting backstory that we will probably never learn. Essentially, Smokefinger is your local mining contact. From his humble little shop, you can buy gems for credit, trade gems for standing, or use your standing to buy mining tools and blueprints (recommended).



Ticker was a bit of a secret going into Fortuna – DE did a great job of keeping this under wraps. Given Fortuna is a Debt-Internment Facility, and all of the people there are in debt to Nef Anyo, Ticker represents the ability for the Tenno to essentially buy these people their freedom, by purchasing their debt-bonds. These can be traded for standing, or (strangely) for Orbiter Decorations. Paying off the Debt-Bonds can be done passively (essentially using excess resources gathered on The Orb Vallis), but whether or not you’ll be interested in the decorations that Ticker currently has on offer? That’s up to you…

The Vent Kids


If you’re anything like me, the Vent Kids were one of the first factions you likely wanted to see. The little rapscallions represent the rad skater in you, and provide you with your own awesome K-Drive with which to tear up The Orb Vallis. They have their own reputation and you can earn standing by simply using the K-Drive, doing tricks, and running one of the 5 races that can be found daily on The Orb Vallis. As part of their offerings, not only do they sell you the parts for a K-Drive, but they also have some great looking mods that you’ll likely want to equip to your K-Drive soon enough…

Little Duck

Little Duck

Hiding out the back of Fortuna (not very well hidden, to be honest), you’ll find Little Duck. She’s the Quills representative for Fortuna… We’ll get to her in a separate article later, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to find out what she has to sell until you’ve finished The Second Dream or The War Within.

So there you have it – there’s a bunch of new vendors to meet and things to buy. Over time, you’ll come to know what you need from each, but rest assured we’ll get around to doing a write-up on each at some point in the future – once we’ve gotten our heads around them ourselves!

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