Lorecast 1 – Stolen Dreams/The New Strange & What are Cephalons?


We finally published the first of our Lorecasts, which we expect to publish every 5 episodes (so the next one will be in the same week as Episode 20 of the regular podcast). In these SPOILER-FILLED episodes, we’ll look at the  lore from the perspective of quests, characters, factions, and so on and so forth, helping players to more deeply understand what the grand story is all about – and trust me, there is a lot to unravel!

In this first episode, we look at the first two quests that kick off what we feel is the major storyline arc – Stolen Dreams and The New Strange. We also take a quick overview of Cephalons, among several other things! 

Episode Notes:

We can’t give away too much information here – they are mostly spoilers after all! However, I’ll list the primary topics for reference:

  • Stolen Dreams quest
  • The New Strange quest
  • The Arcane Codices
  • Chroma
  • Cephalons in general
  • Cephalon Ordis

Thanks for listening – please give us any feedback you may have, as this is all new for us, and we want to make sure we make what you want to listen to! See you in a few weeks for Lorecast 2 (but of course we’ll see you much sooner for Episode 16).

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