Mini 5 – Modding Melee weapons

Welcome back to another of our Mini episodes, entirely focused on modding – either weapons,or warframes, or something specific, but always aimed at beginners and mid-game players, so we take a very general look at what should be considered.

In this episode, we look at melee weapons, making specific mention of the following key mods:

  • Pressure Point
  • Fury
  • Reach
  • Gladiator Vice
  • True Steel
  • Organ Shatter
  • Gladiator Might
  • Melee Prowess
  • Lasting Sting
  • Dual Stat: (Vicious Frost, Virulent Scourge, Volcanic Edge, Voltaic Strike)
  • Special Mention: Body Count, Condition Overload, Healing return, Maiming Strike, Spoiled Strike, Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush

And the following awesome weapons:

  • Gram Prime
  • Twin Basolk
  • Nami Skyla Prime
  • Rakta Dark Dagger/li>
  • Atterax
  • Kestrel
  • Glaive Prime
  • Falcor
  • Zaws
  • Mios
  • Galatine prime
  • Destreza prime
  • Sarpa
  • Sigma and Octantis
  • … and let’s face it, a hell of a lot more (these are some of our faves)

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