Mini 6 – Aura Mods

Welcome back to another of our Mini episodes, entirely focused on modding – either weapons,or warframes, or something specific, but always aimed at beginners and mid-game players, so we take a very general look at what should be considered.

In this episode, we look at Aura mods… All of them! Here’s a list:

  • V polarity
    • Dead Eye
    • Growing Power
    • Pistol Amp
    • Power Donation
    • Rifle Amp
    • Shotgun Amp
    • Steel charge
  • D polarity
    • Toxin Resistance
    • Physique
    • Infested Impedance
    • EMP Aura
    • Rejuvenation
    • Stand United
  • – polarity
    • Pistol Scavenger
    • Loot Detector
    • Energy Siphon
    • Corrosive Projection
    • Empowered Blades
    • Energy Radar
    • Shied Disruption
    • Rifle Scavenger
    • Speed Holster
    • Sniper Scavenger
    • Shotgun Scavenger
    • Sprint Boost
  • = polarity
    • Brief Respite

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