Mouse and Keyboard Support coming to Xbox next week

At Microsoft’s XO18 event held last night (or early this morning, depending on where you are in the world), it was announced that Keyboard and Mouse support is coming to the Xbox One on November 14th – and yes, Warframe will be one of the first games to support them.

Originally announced back in September, Microsoft has turned this update around about as fast as expected (I believe at the time they were aiming for October). It’s understood that Digital Extremes will enable this for Warframe via an update once the hardware update goes live.

Exactly how this will work is unknown at present, although I assume players will simply be able to plug in any USB Mouse/Keyboard (or potentially any Bluetooth-enabled device). That said, Microsoft has begun an exclusive partnership with Razer, who will be releasing a bunch of Xbox One peripherals next year. I expect that some of these will allow for untethered Mouse and Keyboard support, but all of this remains to be seen.

If you’re an Xbox player, please let me know how this goes! I do have an Xbox One, so I’l see if I can test this out as well, but we’ll definitely provide any updates once they come to hand.

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