Nekros: How to use Desecrate

Nekros is a great frame for a number of reasons – he can be built pretty tanky, and his abilities can be used for both crowd control (Terrify) and sustainability (Shadows of the Dead). However, it’s his third ability – Desecrate – that have many players pledging their love for Nekros. Mainly because he nets them all the loot (and all the health and energy orbs).

The standard Desecrate ability is a drain ability – that is, you turn it “on” and “off”, and it drains your energy while it’s “on” (at a rate of 10 energy per corpse, at base). What is it doing to these corpses, you ask? Well, it forces them – each PIECE, in fact – to drop more loot. For this reason, you not only want to have Desecrate on all the time, you also want to be using weapons with high slash – as they have a chance to cut the enemies to pieces. Gross, but effective.

As a result, you want to build your Nekros for Range and Efficiency – that’s all that matters for Desecrate. Of course, if you want Terrify, or Shadows of the Dead, you’ll probably want to add some Ability Strength in for the mix.

But there is a better way – the Despoil mod. Despoil is an Augment mod that can be purchased from Red Veil of The Perrin Sequence for 25,000 reputation. It changes up the energy cost for Desecrate, making it 10 health per corpse (at max rank).

nekros despoil

Why is it better to drain health than energy, you may ask?

Good question, and there’s a simple answer. Nekros’ passive ability – Soul Siphon – gives him 5 health for every enemy death within 10m, essentially negating half of this new cost. The rest is repaid (in spades) by the huge amounts of health that enemies will be dropping, freeing up all of Nekros’ energy for his other abilities. In fact, there’s no reason to never have Desecrate active if you’re using Despoil.


  • Use the Despoil mod
  • Activate Desecrate as soon as a mission starts – it will remain active until you don’t have enough health (or energy if you aren’t using Despoil) to maintain it
  • REactivate Desecrate every time you die, or fall of the map, or whatever – this will cause Desecrate to turn off
  • Smile, and reap the benefits

Further Tips

As a result of all of the health orbs that will be dropping, I’d recommend also using the Health Conversion mod, if you have it. This can be purchased from Cephalon Simaris on any relay for the rather expensive price of 100,000 reputation. That said, it’s immensely worthwhile if you’re using Despoil – this mod will mean that every health orb you collect will provide 450 armor, stacking three times. So yes, with all the health that drops, you will pretty comfortably be sitting at 1350 armor at all times (not including your base armor), so you will be a mighty tank. You’re welcome.

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