Nintendo Switch release: everything you need to know

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With the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe set to release on November 20th, it was about time we had an update from Digital Extremes in regards to the details. While there has been an official announcement on the Nintendo homepage, as well as the Warframe announcements on Twitter and Facebook, we were also sent a press release in the early hours of the Australian morning. Details abound!

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The most important piece of information that many players want to know is whether or not they can port an existing account. The good news is that yes, you can! But only from PC. So if you do have a PC account, there will be a window of opportunity during which you can copy your account over to the Switch. Once this is done, you can then continue from the same point on both platforms, but progress will be separate after the copy (that is, you won’t be able to go from PC to Switch and back again – they will be separate accounts).  I expect that you won’t be able to copy over any Platinum tied to the account, it will need to remain with the platform it was purchased on.

Now that that bit of info is out of the way, we can summarise the rest!

  • Fortuna will NOT be included in the initial release – this release will include all content up to and including the Mask of the Revenant
  • Fortuna is coming SOON(tm) to the Nintendo Switch, expected alongside the Xbox and PS4 versions (but complete parity in terms of console releases isn’t expected until early 2019)
  • The current Prime Access and Prime Vault will be active from day one per the existing platforms, and run alongside them
  • Warframe will, of course, be free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, as per all other platforms
  • Thre will be support for both the standard JoyCon controllers and the Pro controller, and mining, fishing, etc will support motion controls
  • Warframe on Nintendo Switch will support built-in voice chat – that is, you will not requite the Nintendo Switch Online App and can chat directly
  • Cross play is currently not supported on any platform
  • Warframe is not a small game – it’s likely you’ll need an SD card to install!
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It’s only been a few months since it was initially announced at TennoCon 2018, but Warframe on Nintendo Switch looks like another fantastic port from the team at Panic Button, and I for one can’t wait for it to release.

UPDATE: a couple of important notes I missed out on:

  • The game will initially be online-only, but given the portability of the Switch, DE is looking at how they can add an offline mode
  • If you port your account from PC, there will be a badge/accolade to let new Switch players know that you are an experienced player
  • There is potential for Warframe Amiibos and Nintendo-themed skins (if there’s ever a Waframe Amiibo, sign me up!)

Some of this came from the DK Diamantes interview with Steve and Rebecca – check it out!

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