Nyx and Titania changes incoming

In recent Devstreams, Digital Extremes has made a point to show off some of their stats around the popularity of certain warframes. Sadly, Nyx and Titania have both not been performing as well as they perhaps could be. In those circumstances, the assumption is that perhaps their kit isn’t as effective as it could be – or perhaps there’s a newer frame with better utility. As a result, DE looks to rework their abilities in the hope that players begin using them a bit more often.

We’ve known these changes were coming to Nyx and Titania, and we did hear a little about what this might look like in a recent Devstream. However, as the reworks are coming with the forthcoming Fortuna Pt 2 update, DE has clarified the changes in a Forum Workshop post!

Nyx Rework

nyx rework

Nyx is the Queen of Psychic abilities – everything she does has something to do with the mind, and deception…


This passive will be completely revamped…

OLD: Any enemy affected by Nyx’s ability has a chance to be disarmed.

NEW: Enemies receive an accuracy debuff against Nyx (i.e., they can’t target her accurately).


Mind Control: The original version of this ability would simply convert a single enemy to fight for the Tenno cause for a short period. The new version STILL does this, but there is an initial 4-second period in which the target will absorb damage. This is then converted to increased damage output – every 2500 damage applied during this period results in 1.5x damage multiplier.

Psychic Bolts: In its original incarnation, Nyx would fire off a bunch of… *ahem* Psychic Bolts… which would seek out targets and causing damage (with a chance for Radiation proc). While Nyx will still be firing off a bunch of bolts, the damage will be removed in place of a debuff – enemies will receive a decrease in shield and armor for a duration, while Infested enemies will receive a slowdown and – most importantly for me – a cancellation of Ancients Auras.

Chaos: No changes required – it’s always been an awesome ability! Nyx uses her awesome mindsplosions to cause confusion and  – you guessed it! – Chaos among surrounding enemies, forcing them to fight amongst themselves. This will couple nicely with the new debuffs on her Psychic Bolts…

Absorb: In this ability, Nyx would perform a kind of mystic meditation, absorbing incoming damage and expelling it all on discharge as pure Magnetic damage. With the new changes, this will work mostly the same, but the damage output will depend entirely on the damage that is input, rather than simply being Magentic only.

If you’re after more info on Nyx, check out our Warframe 101, which includes the official changes!

Titania Rework

titania rework

The Pixieframe. Her abilities are very focused on buffs and debuffs, but she’s always been a little complicated to understand.


Titania’s passive will remain unchanged: Titania gains 25% distance when Bullet Jumping, and will leave behind a “wind trampoline” that will provide the same buff for her teammates.


Spellbind: This ability will remain unchanged – on casting, enemies within the area of effect caused by this ability will drop their weapons and float into the air… It will also cause nearby teammates to briefly be immune to status effects.

Tribute: To date, casting this ability on a single enemy would cause one of four random buffs (dust: reduce enemy aim; thorns: reflect damage; entangle: slow enemy movement; full moon: increase companion damage). In the rework, the plan is for all of these buffs to proc on a single successful cast. Subsequent recasts will refresh the duration.

EDIT 9 DEC 2018:  The above is slightly incorrect due to a misunderstanding of the forum notes. Titania’s Tribute change does NOT allow all buffs from a single cast – you do still need to cast it four times to gain each buff. However, in the past you also needed to cast it multiple times to achieve full power of the buff. Now you only need to cast it once to receive the full power of a single buff, and recasting will refresh the duration, Apologies for any confusion

Lantern: The original plan for this was to turn a single enemy into a kind of “insect  zapper” by luring enemies in before exploding.  Buuuut…. It was kind of dull and ineffective because the lanterns would float off aimlessly. The new plan is to be able to create up to four lanterns, all of which will be tethered to the ground (like a helium balloon, per Cephalon Lucas). You can then explode all lanterns by holding the cast button.

Razorwing: The majority of this ability will remain unchanged because – let’s face it, it’s pretty awesome. If you aren’t aware, Titania shrinks down and grows cute little wings – you can essentially fly her around like Archwing. However, she has her own special weapons and little razorflies all of which can do a very decent amount of damage. However, you’ve always had to fly over items to collect them, bumping into everything along the way. The rework will add an inherent Vacuum ability, so that you won’t need to get so close.

I’ve always liked Nyx, but never found I enjoyed using anything except for Chaos – which has always been super effective. With regards to Titania, I always found most of her abilities confusing, except for Razorwing. All of the changes above, in theory, look great – in fact, just the changes to Tribute on Titania alone are enough to raise my eyebrows.

Will the changes to Nyx be enough, however? Time will tell. From my perspective, they still seem too similar to what was already not working – depending on the effectiveness of the debuff.


Link to Dev Workshop Forum post (header image credit to this post as well).

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