Quick news: Trigger the Fortuna intro at will

When I first loaded up Cetus, I was blown away by the little intro that DE built for us. However, I soon learned that you can’t actually replay the intro, so I was a little sad I didn’t pay much attention. Of course, I can always look it up on YouTube, but still…

When Fortuna released, I wasn’t sure what to expect. And to be honest, the intro movie is really very similar to the initial Fortuna announcement. Still, it’s the song we love to hear, and to see it in context with the Solaris singing away while they work – well, it just works much better.

I had expected things to be much the same way as Cetus – that is, once you’ve seen it, ther’s no way to trigger it again. However, while I was walking around Fortuna, listening to the people talk while they work, I came across this fellow…

Fortuna lift together

Yep – click on that dude and you’ll be treated to the whole intro all over again, whenever you like!

And he;s not so hard to find, actually. When you load into Fortuna, you’ll be standing in front of a coolant channel. Not far from you, there will be a raised platform on which several Solaris are standing. There are two workers hitting things with big hammers, while another wone watches.

Head to the guy working at the very back, next to the lazy guy (who must be a supervisor or something) – he’s your man. I’ve highlighted him below.

Fortuna together lift

Not a huge tip, but I thought it was cool enough to mention.

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