Riven disposition changes incoming

This was somewhat out of the blue, but not completely unexpected – Digital Extremes announced today that Riven Disposition will be changing along with the release of Fortuna.

What are Riven mods? What is Riven Disposition? Good questions! Riven mods are special mods that are completely random in their effect – in fact, it’s very unlikely that any two Riven mods will be completely identical. Each Riven mod has the chance to provide any of a number of effects – both positive and negative – from a set range, which is set per weapon. 

Riven Disposition effectively affects this range. Weapons that are already strong based on their base stats will be given a lower Riven Disposition, which means that the effects of the Riven mod will not be as strong as weapons with a higher disposition. 

Many of these dispositions have been in place for some time, and pricing in the in-game market is based on player knowledge of what’s good and what’s not. For this reason, DE did not let anyone know these changes were coming so that no players could exploit the market.

To be honest, the changes don’t look like they’re going to be major. The notes I’ve copied below  suggest only a single “pip” of movement along the scale, which should affect things too greatly, but I guess we’ll see soon enough!

Notes copied from the Warframe Forums:

- No Disposition has changed by more than one “pip” in the Arsenal. (For those knowledgeable about how Rivens work in code, no Disposition will change by more than +/-0.2)
- Dispositions are based roughly on the weapon’s usage among mid-to-endgame Warframe players, with handmade tweaks where appropriate.
- If usage stats show that a number should be changed only slightly, we didn’t change it at all - about 40% of all gun Dispositions have gone untouched.
- As of posting this Workshop, all players who own Rivens have received an in-game message warning them of changes. Buyers beware!
- Changes will be rolled out to all platforms as quickly as possible, to further prevent market exploitation.
- Melee Rivens have NOT been changed yet; those tweaks will come along with weapon rebalancing in Melee 3.0.

[DE]Connor - Warframe Forums

It should be noted that, at present, these changes do not effect Melee weapons, as this will be changed along with the Melee 3.0 update. In addition,  Sentinel Riven mods have been removed from the Riven generation pool, as these were thought to be “lacklustre” compared to standard weapons (and I must agree, to be honest).

If you’re after all of the notes (which includes details on specifics) – check out the post on the Official Warframe Forums.

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