Warframe 101: Frost


It was Update 6.0, which dropped in the early days of 2013, that gave us the chilling frame named Frost. The king of cold, as you would expect, controls the deadly element of ice to flash freeze his enemies in place. In this edition of Warframe 101, we look at the defensive and offensive capabilities of the frozen fiend.


The first ability in this chilling frame’s arsenal is the simple yet effective single-targeting Freeze. On contact, the struck enemy will be frozen solid, taking 300 base cold damage at max rank.

When a target is hit, Freeze also causes a small ice burst – this deals the most damage to the initial prey, but also carries a smaller sum of damage within a very short proximity, harming enemies that are bundled together (to escape the cold). Nearby spots on the ground will also be struck with a visual effect implying a frozen surface, which will slow  enemy movement. The newly formed “enemy popsicle” will stay in its frozen state for a base of 15 seconds.

Note that although the ability appears to have aspects dealing with range, range based mods will have no effect.

freeze frost

Ice Wave

The second bone-chilling skill is Ice Wave, in which Frost will strike the ground at his feet, sending forth a wave of icicles that sprout from the ground, piercing enemies as they form. The sharp icicles’ range and width are both influenced by range mods, but at base travels for 25 metres in a 3 metre width at a 45 degree angle.

In terms of damage, all enemies caught in the field of icicles will take 700 Cold Damage with 100% chance to have their movement speed reduced by half.

ice wave frost

Snow Globe

Snow Globe is exactly as its name suggests – a globe with whirling snow inside. A useful ability for defensive tasks, Snow Globe blocks all external projectiles from entering, but not indefinitely. There is an initial small window where Snow Globe is completely invulnerable – at max rank, this is 4 seconds. In addition, Snow Globe has its own health, which that is influenced by Frost’s Armor stat – base health is 5000 and by casting a second time in the same location you can stack the globe’s health. This stacking limit has a bone-chilling 1 million health.  During the invulnerability period, any damage the globe sustains is then converted to an additional health boost to the globe.

While Snow Globe seems to be a great ability already, there is still more to it! Enemies that venture into the globe suffer from a 67% reduction in movement speed and the globe itself sits at a nice 5 metre radius. Furthermore, there is an unmentioned synergy with Freeze. If the outside of the globe is struck with Freeze, the globe will explode, dealing 150 cold damage and rag-dolling affected enemies.

Lastly, upon casting Snow Globe, any enemies that are caught within the cast are frozen for 3 seconds and thrown violently outward. If they happen to collide with a surface, they can take damage up to 50% of their health as true damage.

snow globe frost


As for Frosts fourth ability, Avalanche casuses an “avalanche” of frozen death, which explodes in a 15-metre radius, freezing affected enemies for a chilling 8 seconds. These individuals also suffer a 40% armor reduction.

After a slight delay, 1500 Cold Damage is dealt to all frozen individuals. Upon death, the frozen enemies will shatter in an explosive manner, dealing additional 400 Cold Damage within a 4.5-metre radius, also inflicting 100% Cold Status on the poor souls that manage to escape death’s cold grasp.

By casting Freeze on a frozen enemy, you may also prolong the armor reduction until Freeze wears off, which is perfect for those nasty higher level enemies.

avalanche frost


Frosts passive ability makes him literally cold to the touch. If enemies are brave or foolish enough to strike Frost directly (that is, via a melee attack),  there is a 10% chance that the assailant will freeze in place temporarily.


frost prime

Frost Prime was the first craftable Prime frame. Given he was released so long ago (he was actually the second Prime frame released), there is not much difference from the original frame in terms of stats, other than an additional polarity and an increased shield from 150 to 175.

In closing, Frost is a well-made well-balanced frame capable of adapting to a multitude of situations, varying from defensive to destructive and back around to crowd control. If mastering the cold elements is your desire, then look no further than this frosty snowman of death. Do not concern yourself with scorching heats, this snowman is quite resilient.

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