Episode 20 – Reworks

Ah, frame reworks. Whenever they hit the servers, they make a bunch of people happy, and an equal amount of people unhappy – generally vocally so. But why? We take a look at Reworks, and try to understand why DE does them, and why people tend to get so worked up about it.


  • News, including theupcoming Nyx/Titania reworks, and the recently released Garuda rework
  • Cephalon Squared news – we got a tech upgrade!
  • Discussion: reworks – are they really necessary? And why the answer is yes.
  • Beginner topic: a detailed look at the menu
  • Advanced topic: Drift Mods, part 1
  • Community Question Time!

Episode Notes:

Some performance improvement on console Fortuna, but not yet ready for cert (hopefully this week?)

New Xbox Prestige Pack, contains:

  • Valkyr Jade skin
  • 170 Platinum

New PS4 Renown pack, contains:

  • Scoliac
  • Scoliac Obsidian Skin 
  • 170 Platinum

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