Episode 21 – Devstream 120

Episode 21 this week, and although we are still yet to update our logo (it IS still coming, I promise, there’s just been a delay!), there’s plenty of stuff to talk about!

Fortuna heads to consoles this week, which is exciting, but there was also a Devstream! DE took the chance to talk about a whole bunch of new stuff coming to PC prior to Xmas (and hopefully we will see Fortuna hit the Switch then as well, but no promises on that front…)


  • XB1/PS4 Fortuna in cert, and will release Dec 10!
  • Mashed cartoon coming soon!
  • Chroma Prime soon to end (Dec 18)
  • Discussion: Devstream 120 – Fortuna Pt2, Baruuk, Mesa Prime Access, and a whole lot more…
  • Beginner topic: Spectres!
  • Advanced topic: Drift mods, pt2 – Coaction Drift

Episode Notes:

New Fortuna theme has hit PS4

Console Fortuna in cert and releasing Dec 10!

Mashup with Mashed – old school cartoon coming this week!

Chroma Prime ends December 18!

Mesa Prime is coming with Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime!

Devstream 120!

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