Episode 23 – Devstream 121

It’s the last podcast before Xmas (but don’t worry, we’ll be back next week) and the final Devstream for the year! It was a casual session, but there was still plenty to talk about – and plenty of news during the week as well!


  • News: Profit Taker update now on PC, Mesa Prime Access out on all platforms (except Switch – coming in Jan), Digital Extremes nominated for Best Developer on the Steam Awards, and more!
  • Discussion: Devstream 121
  • Beginner topic: Riven mods – what the hell are they?
  • Advanced topic: Drift mods part 5 – Endurance Drift
Reminder: we’re skipping (or is that skeeping?) the Mini this week for the holidays, but we’ll be back next week with Episode 24!

Episode Notes:

There was a Switch patch this week: third hotfix for performance and QoL, but also added the control improvements

Profit Taker update released on PC

Mesa Prime Access released on all platforms(except Switch – early Jan) – Chroma Prime Access ends, and Banshee Prime is vaulted

New Cosmetic items for Xbox One avatars

Digital Extremes nominated on Steam awards for best Developer

Free glyph of Nef Anyo for all platforms – FALSEPROFIT

Tennobaum extended in the hope of hitting the 100k target

Xbox Platinum Sale on until Jan 3

Warframe now available on Discord

There was a double credit weekend this weekend that you might have missed

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