Episode 24 – Happy New Year!

Finally, 2018 is coming to a close, so we decided to go out with a bang! While there wasn’t much news this week, we discussed a hell of a lot, had a good chat about a bunch of things, and recorded our longest episode! This year has been a great one for both Warframe and Cephalon Squared, but we are really excited about 2019 – onwards and upwards! Happy New Year, Tenno!


  • Discussion: Our honest opinions of Fortuna
  • Beginner topic: Round up of topics from previous episodes
  • Advanced topic: Drift mods, part 5 – Speed Drift

Episode Notes:

All Tennobaum tiers achieved!

Still time to vote in the Steam Awards – you have until Jan 3!

Boxing Day sale until Jan 2 on the Warframe Store!

Cool Demontail Syandana…

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