Fortuna Part 2 Expected on PC this Week

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Rebecca Ford has posted on the Warframe forums some details in regards to the upcoming Fortuna part 2 expansion. Sharing the link on Twitter, she also indicated that the team is working towards release later in the week – just prior to Xmas!

What's coming in this update?

Not a huge amount of detail just yet, although the forum post does indicate there are a whopping 12 pages of notes! Quick overview:

  • Heists and Orb Mother battles: sounds like these will be comprised of multiple stages. Whether these pay out as individual missions, or as a single multi-stage bounty is so far unclear. However, the note that players will be able to access any of the stages once they’ve completed the initial heist suggests perhaps the former.
  • Vox Solaris updates: if you’ve headed to the back room in Fortuna, you are likely to have already met Little Duck. While she currently only has 2 ranks, she is soon to have 5, so get to grinding those Toroids!
  • Baruuk: the brand new monkframe is coming with Fortuna part 2, and will be offered as part of the Vox Solaris offerings (at the top two ranks). Yay!
  • … plus more! Including new Animals to save (and Floofs to collect), new Amps, new ARCANES!, lore fragments, mods, Operator hair… lots more to chase!
For those playing on XB1, PS4, and Switch, note that this update isn’t expected until early 2019 – hopefully sometime in January. Given Switch is still yet to receive even the initial Fortuna update, it’s hard to say when the second part will come to that platform, but fingers crossed that will no longer be an issue soon enough.
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