Fortuna Update in Cert for XB1/PS4, will Release December 10


I’m sure all of us in console-land have been waiting patiently for this very news, but on Thursday December 6, Digital Extremes announced that the Fortuna update for XB1 and PS4 has finally gone to cert. This was followed up rather quickly (the very next day, in fact) with an announcement that this will be ready for download on December 10th – that’s gotta be a record for fast turnaround! 

Switch players, please note that the Fortuna update is not quite yet ready for cert, but it is being worked on. This would suggest that the Chimera and Fortuna updateswill be rolled into one. Hopefully by the next major update (Fortuna part 2, possibly in January?), the Switch will be updated at the same time as its console friends.

Note: “December 10” does not apply for those of us in Australia and similar regions experiencing the future – we can expect to download this update on our PS4 and XB1s on the 11th.

kdrive grinding

What's coming with this update?

  • Fortuna and The Orb Vallis: Fortuna represents the new hub city in Venus, much like Cetus on Earth. Here, you’ll meet new people, buy new stuff, and buff your standing. All of this before heading out into the new open world, The Orb Vallis…
  • New enemies: the Corpus have been here for a while, and they don’t want you meddling with their work. They’ve got a few annoying tricks up their sleeves, from new Corpus variants, to the Raknoids and Orbs (think robo-spiders…)
  • New resources: you thought there wouldn’t be anything new to collect and grind for? You thought wrong, Tenno!
  • Solaris United: much like the Ostron on Cetus, Solaris United are the primary faction that you need to befriend in order to get all the cool stuff
  • Kitguns: yes, you can now build your own modular secondaries to match your own preferences, much like Zaw melee on Earth… Head over to see Rude Zuud to kick this off…
  • MOA companions: not content with just the addition of Kitguns? Well, not you can build yourself a modular companion as well! Once you’ve completed the initial introductory missions, you can go see Legs to get started.
  • Much more: fishing and mining both return with a twist, but new vendors will have you doing other things as well!
  • Animal Conservation: yes! Now you can track little critters for conservation! Not only this, but the more you collect, the more Floofs you can collect as well! You’ll understand soon enough.
  • K-Drives: you’ve been waiting for this, and trust me, it’s worth the wait. K-Drives are the new hoverboards coming with the Fortuna update. Skate, grind, and trick your way around The Orb Vallis and The Plains of Eidolon. Seek out the Vent Kids to build your own K-Drive…
  • Garuda: Garuda and her weapons are finally coming to the console. We’ve got a 101 article for her already, so get prepared!
  • Lots of new weapons – reust me, you want them. Some of them are GREAT.
  • New Sentinel: Oxylus  more grinding, more mastery! Oxylus will help you track down resources and little furry critters.
  • New Fortuna themed UI option
  • New mods, including set mods!
  • UI upgrades
  • Kitgun Rivens
  • … and much more!
Animal Conservation

More Detail?

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