Things I Wish I Knew When I Started…

warframe beginner

Warframe is a complicated game. Even now, with more than 1000 hours under my belt across several platforms, I tend to learn something new on a regular basis. In fact, one or two of the items in this post were new to me!

Some of these things you’ll learn soon enough, but some are buried, and it can simply take one person sharing to help a whole bunch of people. So here I am sharing!

I plan for this to be a somewhat “live” article, which I will update as new things come to hand. So feel free to share the things YOU wish you knew when you started, and I may just add them to this post.

… you can make more than one thing at a time in the foundry

… you really only need to rank up one (or two) of each mod

… you can sell crappy weapons for credit, but make sure you master it first AND check if it’s required to build another weapon 

… you can sell those crazy Ayatan statues to Maroo at Maroo’s Bazaar – but make sure you fill the slots with Ayatan Stars before you do! And now that DE has added an “Auto Install” button, it’s less of a pain in the butt!

ayatan sculpture

The following were suggestions from Discord members: Kevekev302, Yourmaster145, HotCheese13, Mothhop, and lordfrezon

…you can dissolve duplicate mods for endo (instead of credits, which is a waste)

…you should do void fissures, even if just for the Forma blueprints at first

…you should build Taxon as soon as you get it, and throwing vacuum on it – because nobody understands the value of that till youdo it

…the /unstuck command can get you…unstuck! Works on all platforms

…pressing and holding the map button in open maps will bring out a full map, complete with daylight timer for the Plains, and temperature for the Vallis

…you can target items and press a button to mark them so that everyone can see where things are – if you hit it right, it will also say what the item is! Otherwise, it will show a number that corresponds to a number beside your name at the top right of the screen

…mod transmutation is a joke – it’s a waste. Dissolve for endo

mods dissolve

…auto install mods until you get your head around them because it’s better to have mods than not at all

…always check the online marketplace ( to get prices before buying something to ensure you don’t get ripped off

…spend your first bit of plat on weapon and warframe slots

…never feel bad about asking for help in region chat

…if half the players in a mission go to extraction, then everyone leaves

…quitting a mission before extracting forfeits all rewards

…don’t do endless missions (excavations, survivals, defection) in public unless you’re prepared to stay!

Got another suggestion? Let us know below!

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