Top 10 Warframe Tips for Beginners

taxon sentinel

If you’ve just started Warframe, then it’s almost guaranteed that you are overwhelmed. And if you’re not, then you probably haven’t played enough. 

If you have time on your hands, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Warframe, but that does require a significant time investment. In the interests of saving some time, we decided to draw up a quick list of the Top 10 Tips for Beginners.

buy slots with plat

What to do with Starter Plat?

Good Question! Most platforms will give you an initial 50 Platinum when you start the game for the first time (and you can get a booster on PS4, which gives you another 100P), but this can’t be used for trading. So what should you use it for?

Well, given you will want to collect weapons and warframes, you should buy one additional warframe slot for 20P, and 4 weapon slots for 24P (12P for two slots). At least – that’s my suggestion. Go to the market and search for “slots”.

Prioritise Junctions and Quests

Initially, you just want to progress through as much of the game as you can, so you want to prioritise Junctions (to unlock new planets) and Quests (to unlock new abilities and experience the awesome storyline). You can worry about the rest of the mission nodes later.

Max out everything

You might hate the MK1-Paris that you started off with (or, equally, the MK1-Braton), but don’t sell it off as soon as you find something else – at least not until you have fully maxed it out (at Rank 30). This way, you get all of the experience that you possibly can from the weapon and can safely say goodbye (otherwise you may need to come back to this weapon later in the game when chasing Mastery).

Do Mastery Tests

Mastery isn’t a reflection of your power, and a higher Mastery level doesn’t mean you are any better than anyone else, but it does provide you with some helpful bonuses, and gives you access to higher tier weapons, which you may enjoy. The first 5 or 6 are really easy, too.

auto install mods
auto install mods

Use Auto Install for Mods

Modding is hard, and it will take you 50-100 hours before you even start to “get it”. So.. just don’t worry too much about it upfront, and make sure to make good use of Auto Install (found by clicking “Actions” at the bottom of the Upgrade screen in the Arsenal).

It’s not perfect, but any mod is better than no mods at all.

Ask for Help in Chat

You don’t have to join a clan upfront (although it will help), but if you do get overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask a question in Region Chat. You might get one or two snarky responses, but you’ll almost definitely also receive an answer. In fact, you may not even get the snarky responses – the Warframe community is extremely helpful.

Collect Everything

You might think you’ll never need the 1000s of Salvage that you keep picking up on Mars, but believe me – you will. So you’ll want to open all the lockers, break open all the containers, and pick up everything. Collect and hold onto it – it will help when you want to start building all the cool new weapons and warframes you discover along the way!

Don’t Worry About Primes

Prime weapons and warframes are shiny and they look cool. You are bound to play with some advanced players and become jealous of their gear – but resist for as long as you can.

In reality, Prime warframes aren’t terribly much better than their standard counterparts. Yes, they have slightly better stats, but nothing worht worrying about.

Prime weapons, on the other hand, DO tend to be better than their standard versions, but note there are PLENTY of standard weapons that are better than the multitude of Prime weapons available. Start the Prime grind later in your Warframe career.

codex training

Use the Codex!

Did you now there is a whole help section in the Codex, which goes over all the basic concepts in a good amount of detail? Now you do! Get in there, read it all – it will help.

Oh, and there’s a training course for movement abilities – definitely do that, you’ll learn a LOT.

Build the Taxon ASAP

You’ll get the blueprint for the Taxon Sentinel when you clear the first Junction (Earth – Venus). Build it ASAP.

Not only will it help increase your DPS output, but it can also be modded! Put the vacuum mod on it – this will help you collect all the resources.

Hopefully that helps!

We’ve done a bunch of beginner tips on the podcast, so expect more beginner articles in the future, adapted from some of this content!

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