Warframe 101: Atlas

Atlas is the neckframe *ahem* I mean, one-punch frame you never knew you wanted. Named after the Greek Titan doomed to carry the sky on his back for eternity, he certainly has the neck and shoulders to achieve this task. But more than just being “strong”, Atlas has a way with stone and rock, and he probably also likes flowers.

More of a solo frame than anything else, his kit is a little selfish – I kind of expect he’ll get another rework on the release of his upcoming Deluxe skin. Nevertheless, he remains one of my favourites for the dumb fun he provides.

Note: Atlas is a pain to get, as he’s farmed from the Archwing Assassination of the Jordas Golem in the late game (Eris, on completion of The Jordas Precept quest).


Weird name for what is essentially a running punch, but given the rocky theme, it totally works. Yes, Atlas launches himself forward and punches the selected enemy, dealing damage to them and anyone in their immediate vicinity. This also comes with a 200% crit damage multiplier, plus a 5% crit chance and status chance – this IS impacted by the mods equipped, so I might recommend using a crit-based melee when using Atlas.

Sadly, the base damage for Landslide is pretty poor, but it does scale with combos – multiple punches in succession will result in increased damage output and reduced energy cost (must be cast within 1 second of the prior cast). This also counts towards the melee combo counter, which is good to keep in mind! This ability also synergises with other abilities in that a Landslide used on petrified enemies will result in 50% more health and armour gain from the rubble – we’ll explain that in more detail very soon!

This Ability can be augmented by Ability Strength, Duration, and Range mods.

atlas landslide


Atlas, being the master of rock that he is, reaches under his feet and pulls up a stone wall – regardless of the material he may be standing on. It’s a magical feat, and one he doesn’t get enough credit for. This wall has its own base health that is affected by Atlas’ own Armor, so I recommend you mod for that (increasing Armor is highly recommended, for reasons that will become even clearer). Not only that, the wall is initially invulnerable for a short period, and any absorbed damage during this time is added to the base health. Nice! You can see the health of this wall at the bottom right of your screen as a percentage.

If you get bored with your little rock wall, you can recast to send it rolling off in the direction of your enemies, dealing Impact damage to anyone stupid enough to remain in its path. Eventually, it will explode, causing Puncture damage to anyone near enough to be hit. Interestingly, you can also cast your third Ability (Petrify) on the wall, which will cause it to move faster, further, and cause more damage when you send it rolling away – but it can only be cast on the wall form.

This Ability is affected by Strength and Range mods.

atlas tectonics


On cast, Atlas fires a burst of energy in a cone focused in the direction he is facing. Any enemies that fall within this cone will be immediately petrified – note this works by line of sight only. These enemies will then take 50% more damage from all sources and will remain in stone form for a short duration. Keep in mind that this Ability does not affect bosses or capture targets. Any enemies killed while petrified will drop Rubble (see Passive section).

This is a pretty simple Ability, but note it does have some synergy with other Abilities in his kit. As mentioned, it can be cast on his Tectonic wall, petrifying it and causing it to cause more damage in rolling form. Secondly, when cast on a Rumbler (his fourth Ability), the golem will return to 100% health. This is very important to note!

Petrify can be affected by Ability Strength, Duration, and Range mods.

atlas petrify


Being the rock magician that he is, Atlas summons two stone golems out of the air – this also petrifies any enemies close enough to be caught up in the act. These little fellas have their own Health and Armor, which is affected by Ability Strength, but also by the Health, Armor and Shield mods applied to Atlas himself, so you can effectively make them somewhat immortal… Depending on the enemy level.

These golems will run around, causing havok, and smashing enemies with their stony fists. After a duration, they will explode, causing blast damage, and leaving behind Rubble (more on that shortly). They are not affected by status effects but do keep in mind that nullifier fields will slowly drain their health.

Most importantly, though, and I am repeating something that was in the last section because it’s important – casting Petrify on the Rumblers will restore them to 100% health. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want these blokes on your team.

Rumblers is affected by Ability Strength, Duration, and Range mods.

atlas rumblers


Atlas essentially has two passives – one that has a massive impact on his survivability, and the other that’s more of a Quality of Life passive. I’ll let you work out which is which.

This passive means Atlas can’t be knocked down while he is in contact with the ground – although he can be knocked back by certain enemy abilities. He can be knocked down while jumping, though, so maybe best to keep his feet on the ground when Eximus enemies are around.

I’ve mentioned Rubble a few times already, so it’s time I explained it, I guess. All petrified enemies, regardless of the method of petrification, will drop Rubble when killed, as will Rumblers on explosion. When Atlas picks this Rubble up, it will restore 50 Health or 50 Armor (only provides Armor if at full health). This stacks to a maximum of 1500 Armor, but note it decays over time.

Petrified enemies killed by Landslide will grant an additional 25 Health or Armor, so it’s also important to keep that in mind.

As Atlas gains additional Armor, you will see a noticeable build-up of rock on his body, along with a circular gauge on the right-hand side of the screen. You can use this to monitor the decay of Armor. (Tip: Rubble will be tinted with your warframe’s energy colour, so if you are having trouble noticing it, try making your energy a brighter or more vibrant colour.)

atlas stats

Atlas is a wholly misunderstood warframe, as he is probably utilised less than he perhaps should, given the survivability inherent in his kit. I guess the issue is that he is somewhat of a selfish frame, with no abilities that support teammates beyond simply providing additional DPS or tanking hits (which, let’s face it, are both very useful in groups, but also something other frames can handle quite well). He’s also quite energy hungry… Personally, I love using Atlas, but I do think we might see him get a bit of a rework on the release of his Deluxe skin… My suggestion? Allow anyone to pick up Rubble – providing teammates with additional Armor as well.

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