Warframe 101: Excalibur

In this Warframe 101, we will be looking at the master of the sword – Excalibur. He is not only one of the original warframes and a starter frame, but he’s also the poster boy for the game. In game, he is a balanced frame that can both perform crowd control and do damage, which makes him a great pick for any new player. So take up your Skana, and let us take a look at Excalibur.

Slash Dash

To start off Excalibur’s abilities, we have Slash Dash. This ability does exactly what it says, he dashes and slashes at an enemy. This ability does have a few other considerations though – for example, whenever you hit an enemy with this ability you add to your combo counter, and it’s also an ability that could help you move quickly through a map. This ability is affected by Strength (how much damage you do), Range (how far you go), and Efficiency (ability cost).

excalibur slash dash

Radial Blind

His next ability is the first of his crowd control abilities: Radial Blind. Excalibur lifts up his exalted blade to blind enemies around him. This then allows you or your teammates to use finishers on enemies. There is one major thing to remember though – this ability only affects enemies in line of sight. This ability is affected by Range (the radius of the blind effect), Duration (how long people stay blinded), and Efficiency (ability cost).

excalibur radial blind

Radial Javelin

Excalibur’s second crowd control ability is Radial Javelin. On casting, Excalibur launches javelins around him, impaling enemies unlucky enough to be nearby.This ability is not only a good crowd control ability, but also does a significant amount of damage. This ability is affected by Strength (javelin damage), Range (how far you can throw the javelins), and Efficiency (ability cost).

excalibur radial javelin

Exalted Blade

Excalibur’s final ability, Exalted Blade, is a very strong damaging ability. It is an exalted weapon that features its own stance mods. It’s special in that it is not only a melee weapon, but also shoots out a wave of light energy. The wave attack starts with the same damage of your melee and falls off over distance; however, note that it also passes through enemies. On slide attacks, the Exalted Blade will also cause a weaker version of Radial Blind. Keep in mind that while in use, Exalted Blade will auto block frontal attacks – this does come in handy at times. This ability is affected by Strength (which affects the base stats of the weapon), Duration (how much the ability costs and how long the radial blind effect will last), Range (the radius of the radial blind effect), and Efficiency (ability cost). Note that the Exalted Blade itself can be modded, and uses Melee weapon mods.

excalibur exalted blade


Being a master swordsman, Excalibur’s passive is Swordsmanship. This ability makes all swords wielded by him swing 10 percent faster causing 10 percent more damage. This passive effects swords, dual swords, nikanas, and rapiers.


Excalibur is a great frame overall, and effective at all levels of content. He can be played in different ways, and later in the game can be quite nuanced. This allows him to grow stronger as you progress further. If you are a lover of swords and just want to make them better, he is a great choice for that. So, if you want to start off on the right foot, Excalibur is a solid pick to start your Warframe journey.

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