Warframe 101: Hydroid

Hydroid, the captain of the seas, was released from the deep abyss during update 13. He is a formidable frame whose name reflects his powers over the oceanic elements and the life that resides deep under the sea. Inspired by the character from pirates of the Caribbean, “Davey Jones”, this sea faring space pirate has a wondrous arsenal focused on crowd control. Update 21.4 saw a rework for Hydroid that would grant more synergy between these tactical marvels. During this 101 article, we shall dive in deep to explore the tactical benefits behind the pirate frame that is Hydroid.

Note:you can farm Hydroid’s components from Councillor Vay Hek at Oro on Earth. Vay Hek is an annoying boss to many, so… good luck.

Tempest Barrage

The first ability in this captain’s arsenal, Tempest Barrage, is like repeatedly getting hit with a rain drop the size of a cannon ball. Basically, your target area will be blasted with water missiles at a max base rate of 4 per second for 5 seconds, with each impact offering a 10 metre radius explosion of 150 Impact damage, causing all those unlucky enemies to suffer a knockdown (Hydroid always wins water gun fights).

Subsequent Tempest Barrages cast immediately after the first will allow for a more intense volley, or you can charge the cast for a more focused attack with a hefty 200% damage increase. For an added bonus, you can also cast this while using the third ability, Undertow.

tempest barrage

Tidal Surge

Effective only as long as your enemies are not equipped with k-drives, Tidal Surge turns Hydroid into a totally radical wave that crashes through the battlefield.

Washing through the enemies, the Hydroid wave sweeps all that it crashes into off their feet, rag dolling and dragging them behind in the riptide, dealing 300 Impact damage over the course of 30 metres in a single second, only to end with an additional 300 Slash damage as the wave comes to an end. In this state, the good captain becomes 100% invulnerable to all damage and at the cost of half the travel distance can also be cast whilst using Undertow.

tidal surge


Melting down into the form of a deep abyssal puddle with a 4 metre radius, Hydroid becomes invulnerable and traps any who step on him in a dark aquatic prison. While in the Undertow, the enemy will slowly begin to drown, taking 25 Impact damage every second, and a further 2% of their Health in Impact damage that stacks every second while the enemy is submerged.

In addition, whilst in the form of the puddle, Hydroid may also fire tendrils from his aquatic form to drag his adversaries into their watery grave. Tempest Barrage projectiles can also collide with any enemies trapped in Undertow, making it a useful synergy for restricting the movements of tougher enemies and blasting then with cannon fire. And finally, in a nightmarish state, the Undertow puddle may move at an extremely slow pace, swallowing the enemies that it creeps upon.


Tentacle Swarm

Release the Kraken with a single cast, unleashing a flurry of tentacles that reach out and take hold of nearby enemies. This puts them in a rag doll state, and the tendrils shake them about dealing 300 Magnetic damage upon initial connection, and upon sinking back into the depths, with a further 200 True damage every second (True damage ignores both Shields and Armor).

The ability lasts for 20 seconds, calling forth 10 tendrils that spawn at the feet of your adversaries covering a 5 metre radius. This ability, like the others, is conjurable in the Undertow, making the tendrils form from within the puddle’s radius.

Charging the cast to a full powered conjuration doubles the number from 10 to 20 tendrils with an increased area of effect.

tentacle swarm


Called Deep Tendril, Hydroid’s passive sees melee slam attacks have a 50% chance at conjuring forth a single Kraken’s tendril that lasts for 15 seconds. A maximum of 3 tendrils may be created using this method at any given time.


hydroid prime

Hydroid prime hit the game back in Update 21.6 just after the rework had hit. Along with the new pirate captain appearance, Hydroid Prime also got a few nice stat boosts across the board starting with Armor which sees a rise from 200 to 250. His Shields moved from 125 to 175, and Energy from 125 to 150. In addition, Hydroid Prime has 2 additional polarity slots than his counterpart.

As a final statement in this investigation of the space pirate that is Hydroid – if the tactical capabilities of Hydroid’s kit are not to your liking, then there is always the fashionframe side, where you can rock out the awesome space pirate look in preparations for Railjack.

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