Warframe 101: Loki

Loki, named after the trickster god of Norse mythology, is perfect for channelling your inner troll. His kit makes him perfect for sneaky activities, and especially for annoying your teammates. As a result, he’s another essential warframe to keep in the arsenal.

Loki was one of the original 8 – one of those first frames released to cover a set specific variety of abilities while DE developed more nuanced frames. As such, Loki can be considered the stealth frame – perfect for infiltration and secret squirrel activities.


As the name of this Ability suggests, Loki creates a Decoy of himself, confusing enemies and drawing their fire for a set duration (25s max at base). The decoy itself has it’s own health (at 200) and shield (400), which cannot be augmented by mods, and it does fire a weapon at enemies, inflicting minor IPS status procs, but it does not cause damage beyond the Bleed status.

Importantly, the decoy is deployed wherever your reticule is placed – i.e., it is not deployed where your warframe is located. This means you can strategically place the decoy to draw enemies away from you. Note that only one decoy can be active at a time.

This Ability is only impacted by Duration mods.

loki decoy


As you would expect, this Ability makes Loki invisible for a period of time (12s base at max). Similar to Ash’s Smoke Screen, this does not make Loki silent (although he does have a handy Augment mod that does, wink wink). As per his first Ability, this is only impacted by Duration mods.

loki invisibility

Switch Teleport

Perfect for trolls, Switch Teleport allows Loki to select a target… and swap places with them. This target could be friendly or unfriendly, so you can see where I’m going with the troll comment. Enemies affected by this Ability will also be confused for a short period (as are teammates, I might add).

Switch Teleport requires direct line of sight, and is impacted only by Range mods – although with a max base of 75m, I’m not sure it’s necessary.

loki switch teleport

Radial Disarm

Radial Disarm is a seemingly simple Ability – casting it will cause enemies within range to drop their weapons. Simple. But there’s actually quite a bit more to it. For example, certain enemies (mostly bosses and enemies that don’t hold weapons) will take damage or be knocked down. It should also be noted that the disarming of enemies is permanent, which is useful.

On that note, it should be noted most importantly that using Radial Disarm will permanently impair the weapons systems on MOAs.

At first blush, Radial Disarm seems like a useless ability – but consiedering it is a permanent disarm that can also do some damage, there is clearly a use case, especially when battling higher level enemies.

This Ability is impacted by Range and Strength mods, where Strength will increase the damage done to bosses and Infested enemies.

loki radial disarm


Loki’s passive, Wall Grapple, itself seems useless on first glance. This Ability allows Loki to Wall Latch for 60 seconds (other warframes can only Wall Latch for 6 seconds). Of course, as a trickster who looks to fool and evade enemies, it actually makes sense. But I would suggest you keep this in mind for the later game, when you might get a Riven mod with a requirement asking you to take out a certain number of enemies while Wall Latching…


loki stats
loki prime stats

Loki has a Prime, but he’s one of the early Primes that are only slightly different to their standard counterparts. In fact, the primary difference is that he has 262 Energy at max, where the standard Loki has 225 at max. Not a huge difference, but he also comes with 2 additional polarised mod slots, so I guess that helps things out.

As a bit of additional knowledge – Loki used to be one of the three starter frames until he was replaced by Volt in Update 14.

Contrary to popular belief, Loki is actually the fastest warframe – yes, even faster than Volt (unless he’s using his Speed Ability). This makes Loki useful in a number of situations, and coupled with his solid kit, it pretty much makes him essential for the discerning Tenno. Of course, the fact you can annoy your friends for hours on end by continually casting Switch Teleport on them is also an added bonus.

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