Warframe 101: Nidus

For those who love the infested, patch 19.5 was an early Christmas present in 2016. The patch introduced Nidus, whose power builds over time to become a biological nightmare. This feat is not simple, though, and can only be achieved through the synergy between all his abilities. In this latest instalment of Warframe 101, we’ll skim the surface of how this infested frame can endure the longest of runs on your endless missions.


Nidus’s first ability is his bread and butter, Nidus stomps the ground, dealing damage and refunding twenty-five percent of your energy for every enemy hit – meaning that if you hit five or more enemies, you gain energy. This ability can be either tapped to activate or held to see the area in which you will affect before releasing and activating. Lastly, as you hit enemies you gain a charge on a meter in the bottom left, after you get five charges you gain one stack of your passive. Even though this ability seems simple at first glance, I will be referring back to it as I explain other abilities.

This ability is affected by Strength, Range, and Efficiency. Range only affects the length of the ability. The refunding of the energy is inversely affected due to the fact that it can only refund twenty-five percent of your energy used.

nidus virulence


For his second ability, Nidus shoots out a ball of tentacles that grabs nearby enemies and drags them to it, unable to either move or shoot. This ability cannot be recast, and automatically ends if all the enemies are killed before the duration runs out. This ability is great for grouping up enemies for his first ability to hit multiple enemies at once.

The ability is affected by Range, Efficiency, and Duration. Range affects how far the tentacles reach, and duration affects how long the tentacles last.

nidus larva

Parasitic Link

For his third ability, Nidus uses his unique stacking mechanic to pay for this ability in place of Energy (one stack per cast). This ability creates a tether to a single target – either a friend or an enemy. When tethering a friend, you both gain power strength. When tethered to an enemy, you redirect a percentage of the damage you take to that enemy, plus pass along status effects. The enemy target also becomes immune to outside damage and crowd control effects. This ability also synergises with your first by making a second instance of your Virulence that goes towards the one you cast.

This ability is affected by Strength, Range, and Duration. Strength affects the strength gained and damage redirected. Range affects how far the tether can go.

nidus parasitic link


Nidus’s final ability also uses mutation stacks instead of energy, this time three stacks per cast. This ability can be split into two parts – the infested area… and the maggots. 

The infested area serves two purposes, the first is as a spawn point for the maggots, and the second is a heal over time for all Tenno within the area. With regards to the maggots, these little cuties will run at enemies and latch on to them, dealing toxic damage. These maggots can also be exploded by using your first ability, gaining you stacks for each enemy hit. In addition, if you hold your first ability before casting, you can see where the maggots are. These maggots automatically explode after the ability expires.

This ability is affected by Strength, Range, and Duration. Strength affects both the health regeneration and the damage inflicted by the maggots, Range affects the range of the explosions, and duration affects how long the infested area lasts.

nidus ravenous


Nidus’s passive, Adaptive Mutation, is an essential part of his kit. As he builds up stacks, his appearance changes the more stacks he gets  – this is capped at 100. These stacks do not go away unless you use his third or fourth ability. The stacks are also used to activate his Undying ability, which triggers whenever he hits zero health. At this point, Nidus consumes 15 stacks and goes into a state of immunity, gaining fifty percent health.


In conclusion, Nidus is an endurance frame made to run endless missions. He wants to stay in missions, build up stacks, and spread the infestation. If you love to not die, like the infested design, and want to see how long you can last in a mission, Nidus maybe the frame for you.

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