Warframe 101: Rhino

Rhino, as his name implies, is a big, heavy frame who likes to crash into things before asking questions. The Lotus herself refers to him as “an immovable force”, and this is fairly accurate. Another of the “original 8” warframes released when the game hit Open Beta, Rhino’s abilities are simple and straightforward, but highly effective.

Recommended for beginners and veterans alike, Rhino is a staple that should be found in every Tenno’s Arsenal.

Note: farm Rhino early – his parts drop from the Jackal at Fossa on Venus!

Rhino Charge

A simple, but effective idea really. On casting, Rhino surges forward dealing Impact damage and ragdolling enemies hit by his charge. That’s pretty much it – it’s affected by Ability Strength and Range mods.

But wait! That’s not it! A little known fact is that Charge can be combo’d – recasting within 1 second of the previous cast will double the damage and halve the energy cost. This can be done twice successively, resulting in 400% damage and 75% of the initial energy cost on the third cast (note the range is also increased on subsequent casts as well)… This seems like a good idea, but the reality is – not all of your enemies will be bunched up in a straight line, so trying to reposition yourself before recasting may result in you missing the combo.

Oh – and did you know that Charge synergises with both Iron Skin and Stomp as well? With Iron Skin active, there is a 100% chance of Blast effects, and for enemies affected by Stomp, Charge deals 100% additional damage. Keep that in mind, all you Rhino players out there…

rhino charge

Iron Skin

On casting, Rhino hardens his skin – this Iron Skin itself having its own health and Armor increase. Effectively, Rhino doesn’t take any damage until the Iron Skin “wears off”. Note he also becomes immune to Status effects, so this is an ESSENTIAL ability. Iron Skin is impacted by Ability Strength mods.

rhino iron skin


On cast, Rhino gets all worked up and releases an almighty Roar, increasing the damage of all allies within range. This lasts for a set duration, which appears at the top right of the screen for all players buffed by the ability. Roar is impacted by Strength, Duration, and Range mods.

Note that the damage increase does impact all weapons AND Abilities that cause damage, but does not actually increase Ability Strength (i.e., it doesn’t impact healing capacity, or Abilities like Iron Skin, for example). It also extends to all allies – including Sentinels and Beast Companions, Specters and rescued hostages.

rhino roar

Rhino Stomp

Every the angry boy, Rhino stamps his feet, causing Blast damage to enemies within range and slowing their movement speed, effectively floating them about him for the duration of the Ability. This is another fairly simple Ability that is impacted by Strength, Duration, and Range mods. Damage at max isn’t enough to instantly kill enemies (at least those with full life), but it is an excellent Crowd Control Ability, and when buffed by Strength mods and accompanied by Charge, can clear a room very quickly.

rhino stomp


Rhino’s passive, Heavy Landing, has the same effect as the mod of the same name – Rhino releases a Shockwave on hitting the ground from a height, dealing local damage and knocking over nearby enemies. This does actually stack with the Heavy Landing mod, if that’s your thing.


rhino stats
rhino prime stats

Rhino does, of course, have a Prime variant – and it was revealed on multiple Devstreams now that Rhino Prime is one of the 5 most used frames. However, much like the other old Primes, his stats aren’t very different from the standard frame – he has 275 Armor as opposed to 190, is slightly faster (a sprint speed of 1.0, where standard Rhino has a sprint speed of 0.9), and a single additional polarised mod slot.

Rhino Prime was also the first Prime to receive some visual upgrade to one of his Abilities – in this case, his Iron Skin is far more noticeable and covers more of his body than it does on the standard model.

Simply put, Rhino is a must have. If you don’t forget to keep your Iron Skin up, he’s essentially unkillable, and his Roar is a useful buff in many situations. I would suggest that perhaps his Stomp is a bit of a dull skill for a fourth Ability, but even so, it’s effective and it’s always fun to see a max range Rhino casting Stomp in Defence missions.

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