Warframe 101: Trinity


Trinity, the healer, was one of the original 8 warframes available in the Closed Beta, and therefore one of the first warframes available when the game was officially released to open beta in 2013.

Given the meaning behind the term “Trinity” it is hard to ascertain exactly what it was that the developers were going for in terms of naming, but it can only be assumed that it could potentially be the holy trinity of health, energy, and damage…

A squishy frame, Trinity’s abilities offer pure support for her colleagues, while also sustaining herself. The selfless choice for the modern Tenno.

Well of Life

Well of Life is an interesting ability. It helps initially, but sadly is completely usurped by Trinity’s fourth ability. Cast upon a single target, Trinity lifts them in to the air, restoring their helath and multipying it tenfold. Glowing green, any damage dealt upon the enemy is fed back to the attacker (whoever it may be) as health.

While this would seem to be a great ability at first blush – and again, initially it is – as players advance within the game, the damage dealt upon enemies very quickly eclipses the tenfold increase in health, making the enemy “health fountain” very shortlived.

Still, it is cheaply cast, so it can help in a pinch, regardless of the difficulty, but I would think if Trinity is ever reworked, this ability would be a core focus.

This ability is chiefly impacted by Ability Strength mods, but given the importance of her other abilities, it doesn’t quite matter.

trinity well of life

Energy Vampire

With Energy Vampire, Trinity’s usefulness increases infinitely. Again targeting a single enemy, Trinity marks them in blue, and they pulse with energy.

Each pulse restores energy to teammates within a certain range of the enemy, and slowly drains away the health of the enemy until they perish. As such, Energy Vampire can not be cast on enemies in an invulnerable phase. Keep in mind that although multiple Trinity’s can cast the ability on multiple enemies (a single Trinity can only cast once while active), only one will actually have the desired effect.

This ability is impacted by strength, duration, and range mods, with the most desired outcome being high strength, low duration, high range (which will fill energy faster within a larger area of effect).

trinity energy vampire


When Link is cast, Trinity will create an energy link between herself and a certain number of nearby enemies (4 at max), evident by a tendril of enrgy between Trinity and the enemy.

While linked, whenever Trinity takes damage,  this damage is transferred to the linked enemy – effectively reducing Trinity’s ability to take damage by up to 75% (at max – this is NOT affected by Ability Strength mods). Confusingly, it appears that 100% of the damage is transferred to the linked enemy, while Trinity only accepts a percentage of the damage.

This ability is affected by Ability Duration and Range mods – for those targeting reduced Duration to support Energy Vampire, keep in mind that this will have a MASSIVE effect on Link, effectively rendering it useless.

trinity link


Probably Trinity’s best ability, depending on who you ask. OK, maybe tied with Energy Vampire, but getting the balance right between the two is tricky.

When cast, Blessing will provide all teammates within Affinity range (50m) with shield and health restoration (80% base at max) immediately, and up to 50% damage reduction for a short duration (50% for 10s base at max – capped at 75%). So yes, this means Trinity restores 80% of health AND shields PLUS gives teammates 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds, and this is just the base stats (at max)!

While it doesn’t create overshields, Blessing is clearly a very powerful ability, and is impacted by Duration and Strength mods – Range has NO effect on Blessing.

Given the requirement for duration on the Damage Reduction, using mods to reduce Ability Duration makes this component of the ability less effective. Make of this information what you will, Tenno!

trinity blessing


Trinity’s passive ability, Triage, is from the days when passives were far simpler than they tend to be now… Trinity can revive teammates faster, and from further away.


trinity stats
trinity prime stats

Trinity, being an older frame, does have a Prime variant. However, similar to Frost, there is little difference between Trinity Prime and her standard variant – the primary difference is in her shields, where she has 450 at max in her Prime Variant, but on 300 at max in her standard variant.

She is also slightly faster (1.1 sprint speed as opposed to 1.0) and has a couple of extra polarities (she begins with four polarised slots, where the standard variant only has two).

Trinity is an amazing frame – her abilities (exclusing her 1st) make her not only a great support, but also a fairly sustainable frame… provided you keep on top of energy and casting. Note, though, she has one of the LOWEST Armor values of all frames, – with only 15 Armor, it’s worth putting effort into health, shields, and her abilities, as Armor is not going to make enough difference.

She’s almost an essential frame – you need a healer in every good team… and she’s the only healer that can also restore your team’s energy.

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