Warframe’s newest update, The Profit Taker, adds giant spiders to the mix!

We were only just advised last week that it would be coming, and it has already hit the servers – the big “Fortuna Part 2” update is out, and it’s got a cute new title – The Profit Taker!

This is of course named after the Orb Mother that players will now be able to engage, representing a new end-game (of sorts) boss battle within the Orb Vallis. We know there are four Orb mothers, so there are more updates to come, but this update comes packed with goodies.

Console players, given you’ve only just received the first part of the Fortuna release, you shouldn’t expect this until the New Year. And Switch players? Sadly, there’s no news on the Fortuna release for you just yet, but I’m hoping it’s not too far away…

profit taker update warframe

What's coming with this update?

  • Orb Heists: this is, of course, the main part of the update, given the update is named after it. Look for the Backroom in Fortuna once you’ve reached the rank of Old Mate
  • Atmosphere Arch-Wing Weapons: yes, you can now use Primary Arch-Wing weapons on foot! You’ll get the gear you need to achieve this by completing the Orb Heists.
  • New music! New songs for out in the Vallis, and Fortuna songs in the Somachord player.
  • Nyx and Titania changes
  • Baruuk, the monkframe: He’s here! You can get his parts from the Vox Solaris Syndicate, so get to grinding!
  • New conservation animals! And of course… new Floofs!
  • New lore: find new fragments out in the Vallis (these look like Debt Bonds) to find out more about some of the NPCs in Fortuna!
  • A bunch of new weapons, HEAPS of new mods, new skins, new Operator hair and cosmetics, new Amps, Amp Arcanes, new Operator Arcanes, new warframe cosmetics, new UI themes, captura scenes, Orbiter decorations, and…
  • … much, much more!
baruuk warframe

More Detail?

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