Digital Extremes outlines a roadmap for 2019

Over the weekend, Digital Extremes held their first Devstream of 2019, and citing the recend trend for developers to share roadmaps, decided to kick this year off in a similar way! While they did not prepare a marketing approved graphic, they filled out a whiteboard live, using feedback from chat as well as notes prepared in advance. The results were… pretty exciting actually.

Q1 2019 (Jan-Mar)

We can’t, of course, be certain that these things will all drop in early 2019, but it was strongly suggested that this would be the case. Delays can certainly happen at any time, but I’ve got a good feeling we should see all of these within the course of the next couple of months.

New Warframes


Virtually guaranteed – there are currently 3 new warframes in the pipeline, and two of them were revealed on the Devstream via artwork by Kevin Glint. In the front, you can see Hildren, who was also shown off in game (no abilities at this stage), and in the back, the mysterious Wisp. I’d expect to see Hildren sometime in February, perhaps alongside the next item on the list…

Deck 12 Exploiter

Little was mentioned in this regard, except that it is essentially going to take place as an event on the Orb Vallis, and will include the Exploiter Orb as a boss. This was accompanied by the statement that more events are planned, along with new Wraith and Vandal variants of weaponry!

Gas City – Amalgams

gas city rework

Announced in the second half of 2018, the Gas City remaster is effectively a complete rework of the Gas City tileset (Jupiter, basically). This will come with new enemies, new bosses, new lore – lots of good stuff. Depending on the schedule, we may see this around the March/April timeframe.

Q2 2019 (Apr-Jun)

The Wolf of Saturn Six

wolf of saturn six warframe

This was announced on the Devstream as a rework of the Alerts and Invasions system; however, it was also mentioned that this event would last for 8 weeks, so it’s currently unclear as to what to expect here. New notes on the official Warframe website suggest that this will involve new daily and weekly challenges that will be handed out to players from a new NPC, so perhaps it’s the start of a new series of cycling challenges – the plan is to include difficulty scaling so as to appeal to players of varying ability. This will include it’s own Syndicate like system, and reward primarily cosmetics, but the most exciting thing that was announced in this regard was that the lore behind this storyline will be told as a series of webcomics available from within the game itself. This is a new approach to storytelling that I for one am quite interested to see in action.

The New War

sentient mothership

Well! If you don’t know what The New War is, then you’re likely new to Warframe, and welcome! The New War is the next major cinematic quest, and likely the final in a major ongoing story arc, which will see a long feared faction returning to the Origin System en masse. No more shall be said for now, for fear of spoilers, but this is one we are all most certainly excited for, and it’s expected prior to Tennocon 2019, currently scheduled for July 6…

Second Half 2019

The rest of the year is probably less structured than the first half, as it’s likely that these projects are far less complete at this stage. That said, there’s still plenty to be excited about, in fact, much of this is expected to be transformative for Warframe as a whole.

Warframe Empyrean (aka Railjack)

Is this name for real? It seems very much like a placeholder to me, especially because when Steve announced it, he mentioned he was naming it after one of his favourite songs. Still, Railjack is a known entity, and will bring a whole new ship for players to build, as well as a whole new way for players to have encounters within the game. If done right, this could make Warframe an almost completely different game overnight. If not done so well… then it’ll likely still be a wonderful distraction. Not much else is known beyond what was shown at Tennocon 2018, but it was mentioned in this Devstream that DE will be taking a slightly different approach to modding when it comes to Railjack, as they want to try to simplify some of their systems without impacting the game at large.

Planes of Duviri

planes of duviri

Very little is known about this, apart from the fact that it will introduce an entirely new tileset and faction to the game – friendly or not, we are yet to find out. Steve was criticised for spelling “Planes” the way he did, but he pointed out that it was a deliberate misspelling. Intriguing. The current concept art is below, and you won’t be too mistaken if you feel these guys have a tinge of Orokin to them…

And the rest…

  • Melee 3.0 is still on its way, and will be rolled out in parts, allowing the team to spread content out over time and focus on feedback
  • The team is considering a Difficulty Update, although exactly how this will look is currently unclear – it’s hard to please everyone. Considering a difficulty slider on mission nodes, as an example
  • The New Player Experience is being completely reworked (the image used as the feature image on this post was the teaser, and it looks fantastic)
  • Archwing is being reworked alongside Railjack – aiming to make it feel more complete and a seamless addition to the core game – there’s also an Archwing Glaive coming!
  • Changes are coming to Trading! Soon you’ll have 6 slots instead of 5, which will allow certain sets to be traded in one transaction, along with some changes to the UI
  • Archwing Rivens are coming – no specifics as yet, but they may be added as something that can be purchased ussing Essence from Arbitrations
  • Cross-play and cross-progression is under consideration, but would certainly not be something that would be easy to accomplish. No guarantees.
  • Conclave races are in the pipeline – what these will look like is unknown at present, but it sounds fun to us
  • Trials (Raids) will return, in some form or another…

That’s a lot, when you look at it all as a whole, and if the team can achieve even half of this list it would be an achievement. Note, though, that there is no plan for a big open-world surprise at Tennocon 2019 this year, as the rest of what is on the roadmap will mean there is no time to work on such an update. 

That’s fine by us – while we liked Fortuna, it simply wasn’t enough to keep our interest, but everything that has been announced on the roadmap so far seems to be well and truly on the money…

Check out the official post HERE, and if you’d like to watch the Desvtream for yourself, we’ve embedded it below:

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