Episode 27 – Devstream 122, oh my!

In episode 27, we cover the very first Devstream of the year! And wow- what a Devstream it was… Unexpectedly, the team at Digital Extremes sprung a roadmap on us, and let us know that there is plenty in the pipeline for this year. In fact, much of what they discussed will be a breath of fresh air for the game as a whole – listen on to find out why! 


  • News: New Twitch Prime bundle!
  • Discussion: Devstream 122, and the roadmap for 2019! SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!
  • Beginner topic: Captura
  • Advanced topic: Some weapon passives

Episode Notes:

New Twitch Prime bundle! 50P plus 7-day affinity and resource booster

Sounds like the Gas City remaster will involve Alad V…

Tennocon coming July 9!

The Devstream in full!

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